Fish ladders

What is a fish ladder?

Fish LadderA fish ladder (also referred to as a fishway or fish pass) is a structure designed to allow fish the opportunity to migrate upstream over or through a barrier to fish movement.

Why use Fish Ladder Solutions?

Old style fish passages are usually made with concrete and rock, which take a lot of time and money to construct and the natural habitat is disrupted due to the need to use heavy machinery to divert the waterway during the construction process and the fatal leaching of lime from freshly poured concrete. These concrete and rock passages often erode rapidly as concrete cracks and breaks away and water eventually undermines the integrity of the structure.

Having been through this process on our own property, Fish Ladder Solutions saw the need to come up with a better way to construct an effective fish passage. After four years in development, we have perfected and patented our uniquely designed fibreglass fish ladder that is cost effective, environmentally friendly, easy to install and as they can be made off site they are far less disruptive to the natural habitat.

Some information about stainless steel fish ladders

Stainless steel fish ladders are the same concept as our fibreglass fish ladders,they are more suitable for areas that have higher volumes of rock and debris. These fish ladders still have the same resting pools, spat rope and baffles but an extra feature is the planting pocket which we plant a native plant in. This plant can provide shade and protection for all our native fish and extra assistance for our climbing native fish. These stainless steel (patented) fish ladders can be made in various widths and lengths.

Proven To Be Effective

There has been a fish count survey performed out at Okiritoto Stream at Muriwai Beach to prove how effective these ladders and baffles are, done first before the ladders and baffles where installed and then again once ladders and baffles where installed with very pleasing results.

When the first set of ladders and baffles where installed on the first night of fish counting 2 banded kokopu and 100+native fish climbed, which was a wonderful result. When the second set of ladders and baffles where installed, 500+ native fish climbed on the second night of fish counting.

Features of our Fish Ladders

  • Stops culvert pipes erosion
  • Moulded river stones have a great advantage in assisting fish upstream as they rest between the stones which are moulded into the fish ladder
  • Resting pools which are set at every 1.5 metres allow fish to rest in the water on their journey upstream
  • Light weight but very strong and robust moulded fish ladder
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Fits all size culvert pipes and weirs by a simple change to the starter flange
  • Modular: comes in 1.5 metre lengths which bolts together for length desired and can add corners to change direction if needed.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • NZ designed and made
  • Made to blend with any environment (colour can be changed to suit)
  • Normally resource consent not needed
  • Proven to work

Our services include

  • manufacture and install fish ladders and pipe baffles nation wide
  • organize fish counting
  • inspect and advise solutions for culvert pipes and weirs
  • follow up maintenance and inspections
  • no job too big or too small

A gallery of stainless steel fish ladders

A gallery of our fibreglass fish ladders